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Essay on Boy and Girl Equal – Ladka Ladki Ek Saman Essay in Hindi

Essay on Boy and Girl Equal – Essay On Ladka Ladki Ek Saman in Hindi

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Status of women in ancient times

Status of women in modern times


more human qualities in women

Status of women in medieval period

Woman’s position and man’s thinking

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Preface – Woman and man are two wheels of the cart of life. For the vehicle of life to run smoothly, equal cooperation and harmony of both the wheels i.e. both men and women is necessary. If any one of them is small or big, then the car will not be able to run smoothly. Similarly, for the progress of the society and the country, there is a need for the contribution of women, not men. For a woman to contribute properly, she should get an equal place and it is necessary that the society should not make any distinction between the boy and the girl.

More human qualities in woman –

Woman and man complement each other. One cannot exist without the other. Although there is a lot of difference in the anatomy of both, still as far as human qualities are concerned. There, more human qualities are found in the woman itself. A man who is a man by nature, has human qualities like sacrifice, kindness, loving tolerance, much less than a woman. While the male is considered the embodiment of anger, the female is a living idol of love and affection. Maithili Sharan Gupta has rightly said in this regard –

Not one or two quantities are heavier than a male.

Status of women in ancient times – In ancient times, men and women had equal rights. There is a mention of the creation of Veda mantras, hymns, shlokas by women in the Vedic period. Bharati, Vijja, Apala, Gargi were such intelligent women who had argued with men and got rid of their sixes. In those days, women were adorned with words like Sahadharmini, Grihalakshmi and Ardhangini. Women were seen with respect in the society.

Status of Women in Medieval Period – By the time of medieval period, the status of women started declining. Due to the invasion of Muslims, the woman had to be imprisoned in four walls. During the Mughal period, the respect of women was further snatched away. She was forced to stay in the curtain. During this period she was forced to become the slave of men. His education-initiation was banned and he was confined to the chulha-chowka. The slavery of men and the upbringing of children remained in the share of women. Women were considered to be a storehouse of demerits. Even a great poet like Tulsi did not know what to see and wrote –

The drummer is a shudra animal woman.
All these officers of Tadan.

Status of women in the modern period – By the time of the British rule, the talk of improving the condition of women started rising. Women like Savitri Bai Phale came forward and took steps towards women’s education. At the same time, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Swami Dayanand, Mahatma Gandhi etc. took concrete steps in the direction of stopping the practice of Sati, getting property rights, social respect, widow marriage, women’s education etc., because these people understood the pain of women. . Jaishankar Prasad, seeing the condition of women, wrote –

Woman you are only reverence, faith is silver in every step
Flow like Piyush, in the beautiful plane of life.

In another place it is written –

Abla Jeevan Hi this is your story.
There is milk in the aanchal and water in the eyes.

After independence, concrete steps were taken in the direction of women’s education. Laws were made for their rights. The attitude of men also changed due to education. Due to this the condition of women was improving day by day. At present the position of women is as strong as that of men. She is walking shoulder to shoulder with the men at every step. Areas like education, medicine, aviation, politics are now accessible to him.

Status of women and thinking of men – As the thinking of men changed in the society, the status of women changed. Until recently, girls were considered a burden by their parents and society. He used to get rid of the burden of unborn girls by killing the fetus. This situation was becoming dangerous for social equality and sex ratio, but now the situation has changed due to government effort and change in the mindset of men. People no longer consider girls a burden. Earlier, where the birth of boys was celebrated with joy, now the birthday of the girl is also celebrated with pomp. Equality status has been given to men and women in our constitution, but still the society needs to bring liberality in its thinking.

Epilogue – Thinking about the progress of family, society and nation without the contribution of women will remain a matter of air. Now the society should give equal respect to women by bringing a change in the male dominated thinking. For this, by creating the idea of ​​’boy-girl equal’, one should start putting it into practice.

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