राजस्थान के दुर्ग के महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न

In this post, we will study the important questions and answers related to the forts of Rajasthan, which comes under Rajasthan General Knowledge. Keeping this in mind, questions are asked under Rajasthan Gk Questions in the competitive exams held in Rajasthan. Important questions related to Durg have been shared with you

To take online test of important questions related to Fort of Rajasthan, choose the test series from below. Which is the essence of the important questions of the forts of Rajasthan with the questions asked in various exams and the latest information.

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Rajasthan Gk

राजस्थान के दुर्ग के महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न

इस पोस्ट अथवा क्विज़ टेस्ट को अपने दोस्तों के साथ शेयर करे

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मामा-भांजा की छतरी किस किले में है?

2 / 10

कीरत सिंह सोढा की छतरी किस किले में है ?

3 / 10

गोपीनाथ मंदिर किस किले में है ?

4 / 10

पोकरण किले का निर्माण किसने करवाया था ?

5 / 10

पूर्ण बौद्ध शैली का बना हुआ एकमात्र दुर्ग है ?

6 / 10

मर्दानशाह की दरगाह किस किले में है?

7 / 10

छाजले की आकृति में कौनसा किला बना हुआ है?

8 / 10

सैय्यद की मजार किस किले में है?

9 / 10

एकमात्र पठानी शैली में निर्मित दुर्ग है?

10 / 10

तेलिन का महल कौनसे दुर्ग में है?

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The average score is 28%


Explain in detail 10 important questions related to the main forts of Rajasthan, along with this, questions related to forts and havelis of Rajasthan were made available!

We are going to share the set of 10 Multiple Choice Questions in this post. Complete the all practice set of this topic that are provided by Akresult

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In today's post, a lot has been told for all of you readers related to Rajasthan general knowledge. Friends, in this post, the question related to Rajasthan GK of all the readers has been included.

Rajasthan ke Durg Quiz Hindi

Q- In which fort is the palace of Tallinn located?
【A】 Fatehpur Fort
【B】Sojat Fort
【C】 Shergarh Fort
【D】 Shahabad Fort

【A】 Fatehpur Fort

Q. Which is the only fort built in Pathani style?
【A】Mandore Fort
【B】 Pokaran Fort
【C】 Alwar Fort
【D】Fatehpur Fort

【D】Fatehpur Fort

Q. Sayyid's tomb is in which fort?
【A】 Shergarh Fort
【B】Shahbad Fort
【C】Kankanbari Fort
【D】 Bayana fort

【A】 Shergarh Fort

Q. Which fort is built in the shape of a chajla?
【A】 Bala Durg
【B】 Dausa Fort
【C】 Kankan Bari Fort
【D】Basantgarh Fort

【B】 Dausa Fort

Q. In which fort is the dargah of Mardanshah?
【A】Shergarh Fort
【B】 Pokaran Fort
【C】 Bharatpur Fort
【D】 Mandrayal Fort

【D】 Mandrayal Fort

Q. Is the only fort made of complete Buddhist style?
【A】 Mandore Fort
【B】 Nahargarh Fort
【C】 Sojat Fort

【D】Pokaran fort

【A】 Mandore Fort

Q. Who got the Pokaran Fort built?
【A】 Maldev
【B】 Rawal Jaisal
【C】 Mulraj Bhati
【D】 Maharaja Raisingh

【A】 Maldev

Q. In which fort is the Gopinath temple?
【A】 Churu Fort
【B】 Bharatpur Fort
【C】Karauli Fort
【D】Jaigarh kick

【A】 Churu Fort

Q. In which fort is the umbrella of Kirat Singh Sodha?
【A】 Mehrangarh fort
【B】 Junagarh fort
【C】 Chittor Fort
【D】 Kumbhalgarh fort

【A】 Mehrangarh fort

Q. In which fort is the maternal uncle-nephew's umbrella?
【A】Taragarh fort
【B】 Mehrangarh fort
【C】 Bhatner fort
[D] In the fort of Lohagad

【C】 Bhatner fort

Which is very important for the preparation of all your competitive exams in 'Durg of Rajasthan'. Which all of you candidates can read through the article given below, and prepare well for the upcoming examination.

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