What is computer?

A computer may be a machine that processes instructions to calculate data, store and manage information. Computers are made of hardware and software. The word computer comes from the Latin word “computare”. It means to calculate or to calculate.

What is computer?

It mainly has three functions. Taking the primary data which we also call Input. The second task is to process that data then the task is to point out that processed data which is additionally called Output.

Input Data → Processing → Output Data

Charles Babbage is claimed to be the daddy of the fashionable computer. Because he was the primaryto style the mechanical computer, which is additionallyreferred to as the Analytical Engine. In this, data was inserted with the assistance of card.

So we will call a computer such a complicateddevice that takes information from the user as input. Then processes that data through a program (set of instruction) and publishes the ultimate result as Output. It processes both numerical and non numerical (arithmetic and logical) calculations.

What is the completestyle of computer?

Technically there’s no full sort of computer. Still there’s an imaginary full sort of computer,

C – Commonly
O – Operated
M – Machine
P – Particularly
U – Used for
T – Technical and
E – Educational
R – Research

If you translate it in Hindi then something like this can happen, common operating machine specially used for business, education and research.

How do computers run?

For some people, employing a computer will be difficult to grasp. This section will facilitate yourto graspa way to operate your computer smoothly.

You must be wondering that how are you able to use keyboard and mouse at the identical time? Well, it isn’t that complicated! Here are some instructions on the way to do it:

Move the mouse pointer over the icon or letter you wish to click.
Press and hold the left push.
Drag the pointer to where you would like to click.
Release the left pushonce you reach the specified destination.

history of computer

It can’t be properly proved that since when the event of computer started. But officially the event of computer has been classified consistent with the generation. These are mainly divided into 5 parts.

When it involves the generation of the pc, it implies that the generations of the pc in Hindi. because the computer developed, they were divided into different generations in order thatit’s easy to know them properly.

1. First Generation of Computer – 1940-1956 “Vacuum Tubes”

The first generation computers used vacuum tubes for circuitry and magnetic drums for memory. They accustomed be quite big in size. plenty of power was accustomed run them.

Being very large, it also had plentyof warmth problem, because of which it accustomed malfunction persistently. Machine language was utilized in these. for instance, UNIVAC and ENIAC computers.

2. Second Generation of Computer – 1956-1963 “Transistors”

In second generation computers, transistors replaced vacuum tubes. Transistors took up little space, were smaller, were faster, were cheaper and were more energy efficient. They accustomed generate less heat than the primary generation computers but still there was still the matterof warmth in it.

In this, high level programming languages ​​like COBOL and FORTRAN were used.

3. Third Generation of Computers – 1964-1971 “Integrated Circuits”

Integrated Circuit was used for the primary time in third generation computers. within which the transistors were small and inserted inside the semiconductor unit, which is termed Semi Conductor. It benefited from this that the processing capacity of the pc increased to an excellent extent.

Monitors, keyboards and operating systems were used for the primary time to create computers of this generation more user friendly. it absolutely was launched within themarketplace forthe primary time.

4. Fourth Generation of Computers – 1971-1985 “Microprocessors”

The specialty of the fourth generation is that Microprocessor was employed in it. because of which thousands of Integrated Circuits were embedded in a very single semiconductor unit. This made it very easy to cut backthe scale of the machine.

The use of microprocessor increased the efficiency of the pc even more. This very work was ready to do very big calculations in Samaya.

5. Fifth Generation of Computer – 1985-present “Artificial Intelligence”

Fifth generation is of today’s era where computer science has established its dominance. Now many advanced techniques like new technology like Speech recognition, data processing, Quantum Calculation are coming into use.

This is a generation where because ofthe unreal intelligence of the pcthe flexibilityto require decisions on its own has come. Gradually, all its work are automated.

Who invented computer?

Father Of Computer Charles Babbage
Who is termedthe daddyof recent computer? during this way, many of us have contributed during this computing field. But out of all this, Charles Babage contributes more. because

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