Whit is Whatsapp and Who is the owner of Whatsapp?

Here you’ll get to grasp about who is that the owner of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is such a chatting application that you just will find in every itinerantthere’ll be hardly any mobile user who doesn’tunderstand WhatsApp, after Facebook, it’s the second application that’swont to send messages to people. Whether you employ Facebook or not, everyone uses WhatsApp.

But only a few people know the name of the owner of WhatsApp? When was WhatsApp launched? And which country’s company is WhatsApp? If you furthermore maydon’t have any information about this then you must read this text once, after reading this post you may get complete information about the owner of WhatsApp.

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What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp could be a social media application which is a sophisticated version of the normal message service WhatsApp is an application through which individuals can send messages from one place to a differentin barelysome seconds and also the privacy of those messages is incredibly high.

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No person can decode this message along with his hacking skills because the protectionduring this application is incredibly high, end to finish encryption works to send messages in WhatsApp, which works to relinquish privacy to the message.

The advanced version of WhatsApp Traditional Message Service is because most of its services are the same asthe standard messaging service but it’s some advanced features which you are doing not get once you message directly from the phone.

By messaging your contact from the phone, you’ll be able to only send messages to them, but through WhatsApp, you’ll be able to send plentyover messages to your contacts, WhatsApp doesn’t allow its users to send only messages.

Using WhatsApp, you’ll share other things like images, videos, audios, contacts, documents, location, etc. except messages to your contacts or your friends, together with sending messages, you’ll also share your required status in WhatsApp. .

WhatsApp is an immediate messaging software that’s currently available within thevariety of software in Android, iOS or Apple Store, Black Berry likewise as laptops and desktops. quite 5 billion people round the world are using WhatsApp.

Who is that the owner of WhatsApp company?

WhatsApp is owned by Brian Acton and Jan Kom. Together they created the WhatsApp application, but the sad thing is that these two friends couldn’t hold its ownership position for long because within the year 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19.3 billion.

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That’s why Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg is now also the owner of WhatsApp.

Jain Kom belonged to a bourgeoisie family, he was born in a verysettlement in Ukraine in 1976. Jain Kom’s father worked in an exceedingly construction company and this company mostly takes projects of faculties and hospitals.

Jain completed his further studies at Sun Jose State University, he completed his studies within the subject of maths and engineering science, after completing his studies, he started working in Yahoo Company, after leaving his job in Yahoo, he was on WhatsApp application. started working.

Brian Acton was living in a very simple family in Central Florida, he completed his studies in technology at Standford University within the year 1994, after which he worked within the Apple company, then he started working within the Yahoo company in 1996 where he was a Jain com. Met and beganfunctioning on whatsapp application with him.

How did WhatsApp start?

The idea of ​​WhatsApp was a awfully unique concept that first came to the mind of Jain Kom when he was watching a flim within the theater, then he wanted to inform his friends that movie during a message but it took an extended time to login to Facebook. It seems then that the thought of whatsapp came to his mind within which people don’thave to login again and again.

And he could easily send a message to anyone, he told this idea to his friend Brian Acton, Brian didn’t like this conceptinitially but later he supported his friend and made this application, in 2009 this application was completely ready. Gaya.

As soon as WhatsApp was launched in 2009, the quantity of WhatsApp users increased to about 2,50,000 during a year, although there have been charges for using WhatsApp at that point, but thanks to its convenience, people accustomed use this application.

In the year 2014, the quantity of WhatsApp users increased to 600 million, by the top of 2015, the quantityof individuals using WhatsApp reached 700 million, in 2016 the amount of WhatsApp users reached 1 billion and today over 5 billion people use WhatsApp We do.

Which country company is WhatsApp?

Both Brian Acton and Jan Kom, the founders of WhatsApp, were residents of America and had also discovered WhatsApp in America. WhatsApp’s owner Mark Zuckerberg is additionally American. that’s why it may be said that WhatsApp may be a company of America country.

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